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How to create a keyword plan . . .

By Haydn Rowe We’ve previously discussed the importance of creating traffic for your website and one of the techniques we mention is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a big topic, with many methods, theories, updates and... Read more

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Creating Website Traffic

By Haydn Rowe If you are creating a new website from scratch, then you will want to ‘build in’ traffic generating techniques from day one. If you currently have a website and are not looking at developing... Read more

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Advanced Google Adwords Techniques

By Haydn Rowe Five Advanced Google AdWords Techniques… Google AdWords is getting more competitive, costs are rising and it is getting harder to generate low cost or profitable leads. But despite that, when it comes to online... Read more

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Google Image Ads

By Haydn Rowe Banner Ads are Back – But This Time Google Have Figured Out How to Make Them Work… Banner Ads were all the rage in the dotcom boom. And they got a bad name. Really... Read more

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