Google Images Ads

By Haydn Rowe

Banner Ads are Back – But This Time Google Have Figured Out How to Make Them Work…

Banner Ads were all the rage in the dot com boom.

And they got a bad name. Really bad.

Back then, advertisers purchased large bundles of ads, for seemingly small amounts per impression – which usually added up to large invoice with nothing to show for it.

Then Google came along…

It took Google to come along and to invent the Pay Per Click model (supported with Conversion Tracking) to rehabilitate the reputation of online marketing.

But this was based on Text Ads (see examples below) like the small classified ads that used to fill page after page in newspapers.

Now Google have combined the Banner Ad format with their Pay Per Click model, Conversion Tracking and the Content Network (Ads displayed on other people’s website’s) to give you a really effective new online marketing tool.

Google call the new generation of Banner style ads Image Ads.

While AdWords success is getting harder…

The good news is, while Google AdWords based on the traditional Google Text Ad, like this one…

…is becoming more and more competitive and harder to crack, with Google Image advertising the field is wide open.

With Image Ads the Field is Wide Open…

It is estimated that 60% to 70% of all AdWords clicks come from the Content Network, and that around 30% of AdSense Advertisers carry Image Ads – yet only 2% to 5% of all advertisers use Image Ads!

Google Image Ads are graphic based ads, similar to the Banner Ads of old, like these examples from Google’s website…


These Image Ads appear on selected websites within the Google Content Network.

Google say that “Image ads combine two powerful features: graphics and proven AdWords targeting technology”.

And they go on to explain that “Unlike traditional online graphical ads, image ads can be matched to a page’s content. This targeting makes image ads more attractive and relevant to anyone browsing the site. Therefore, image ads offer you yet another effective way to increase your business exposure and reach new prospects”.

And our testing results, conducted over the last 6 months, back this up.

50% to 100% More Leads…

In fact, results show that when applied, Image Ads are generating conversions at around 1/2 to 2/3rds the cost of a text ad conversion, which gives the advertiser a significant advantage.

This means you either save 33% to 50% for the same number of leads, or you get 50% to 100% more leads for the same budget!

Perry Marshall, Google AdWords guru and author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords has this to say about Google Image Ads on the Google Content Network…

“The other revolution that’s happening is Image Ads. I’m going to guess that only 3% of Google advertisers are even using them at all. It’s an elite group and they get a hugely disproportionate share of the traffic”.

“Really great text ads get 0.25% CTR’s but the best image ads are getting CTR’s of 2-3%. That’s 10X!”.

That is indeed a revolution.

So if you feel that you have pushed your Google AdWords campaigns as far as you can with Text Ads, or want to lower your cost per conversion, start testing Google Image Ads on the Content Network.

And if you want to get really adventurous, you can even test Video versions of your Image Ads as well.

For more information on Image Ads visit Google’s website.

And for examples of Image Ads and placement options from Google follow this link.

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