Google Adwords

Our Pay Per Click Advertising (or PPC marketing) Campaigns not only bring more traffic to your website, but also deliver a greater number of genuine sales leads to your business…

If you do not currently use Google google-adwords-managementAdwords, or you have campaigns developed and managed by non-professionals (many failures can be attributed to poorly set up campaigns), then it is likely that your online presence is minimal, and you are not generating the potential leads you could be in today’s continually growing online market place.

Given that the majority of buyers and business prospects start looking for suppliers, products and services with the click of a mouse, you have to ask yourself if you can afford to be ‘blacked out’ this way – especially when it is probable that your competitors are already creating an online presence.

Google Adwords is one of the most responsive, cost effective and transparent forms of advertising ever to have been available to the business world.

We have found that, with many of our clients, 50% of sales leads, new customers and sales revenue can be credited to online marketing.

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The majority of online marketing strategies are centred around a highly effective Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising campaign. At WDM our expertise has been called upon to develop PPC strategies for clients from all types of industries, where the campaigns have been designed to generate visible financial results.

We combine our technical, creative and strategic know how to provide our clients with the upper hand when it comes to PPC advertising. Our technical skills are used to conduct essential Keyword research so we can find the most profitable niches for your business, our creative skills are then called upon to write eye-catching Ads and Landing Page copy, and finally using our strategic knowledge we convert web traffic into genuine leads.

Once the campaign is set up, our PPC marketing skills are used to analyse results and we can then refine, develop and optimise your return on investment.

Everyday we are helping businesses from all types of industries, who have chosen us for our proven track record and unique combination of digital marketing skills, achieve better results online.

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