Direct Response Websites

What is a Direct Response Website?

Direct Response has been at the heart of the most successful marketing campaigns of all times (note: that’s the most successful … not just the most famous!).

And yet when the Internet came along and people started building websites, Direct Response went out the window.

Websites became about Flash animations, bold graphics, splash pages and a myriad of other factors that don’t make you money.

And hey, for a while that was ok.  If you were the only plumber in town with a website, even a bad website was a start.

But today – everyone’s got a website.  So now yours has to actually work hard to justify the money you’re going to spend on it.

Direct Response – The Key to Website Conversion Success

In the early days, website success was measured simply by how many visitors you could get (note: some people still think this is important – don’t let them anywhere near your site!).

But … visitors are not the same as buyers.

Direct Response Websites measure success in a much more meaningful way. They’re based on getting the people who visit your site to take an action (thus resulting in a website conversion). What the action is depends on your business and your goals. Maybe you need your online visitors to:

  • Buy a product
  • Join your mailing list
  • Download information
  • Sign up to an event
  • Leave a comment
  • Phone you or request a call

When your visitors take an action, they convert from being an anonymous statistic to a prospect you can nurture towards a sale.

Your Direct Response Website will tell you not just how many visitors you’ve had … but how many prospects have entered your buying process.

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