With our email broadcasting system creating, sending and tracking emails is easy and safe. Our packages have many features, advantages and benefits . . .

1. Create A Bespoke Email Template

We will create and develop a custom HTML template for your company, which provides your email campaigns with a professional looking branded email.

This can be based on any design you like, typically in a similar format to your website.

Within the template you will be able to:

  • Edit text in Defined Editable Areas to create compelling content that entices your customer to ‘act.’
  • Personalise Emails using relevant personal data, such as recipient specific salutations.
  • Offer an Automatic Online Version, for any recipient whose email client has rendering issues.
  • Offer an Automatic Plain Text Version, so users can read it on more devices.
  • Create using Best Practice, the template will be developed using the latest techniques to enhance delivery, readability and performance.

2. Data Management

  • Multiple Lists – the broadcasting technology that we use allows specific (and multiple) lists to be uploaded for use with each email campaign.
  • Segmentation –specific email campaigns, or different versions of each campaign, can be sent to different segments of the list.
  • Data Transfer – data is easily transferred via spreadsheets.
  • Data Cleaning – our email system includes several automatic list cleaning features including an automatic unsubscribe link (required by UK data protection), a soft bounce and a hard bounce facility. Once unsubscribed, the software will prevent accidental subsequent emails from being sent to that contact avoiding the possibility of prosecution.

3. Database Building

To facilitate the building of your email prospect lists we are able to provide you with an Online Sign-up Code to use anywhere on your website to attract new potential customers to subscribe to your email newsletter campaign. Signups are added directly into the email broadcasting account.

4. Real-Time Reporting

The system offers real-time reporting so you can immediately see which recipients have acted upon delivery of your email.

In addition, you can generate reports on each campaign that include the following KPIs (key performance indicators):

  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Total Opens (including multiple and forwarded totals)
  • Clicked
  • Bounced
  • Automatic Hard-Bounce Cleaning
  • Soft-Bounce Cleaning
  • Overlay Hot-Spot Report (to see which links are clicked)
  • Tabular Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Campaign Data Export
  • Automated Update Report
  • Campaign Filtering
  • Campaign Comparison
  • Group Analysis
  • Split A/B Test Reporting

5. Google Analytics Integration

If you use Google Analytics on your website, this service gives you the option to automatically tag links with your Google Analytics tracking code. This means you will be able to view details of click-throughs to the website and visitor behaviour from within your Google Analytics account.

6. Social Media Integration

If required now or in the future, we are able to add Facebook share and Tweet buttons to your campaign so email readers can spread the word, expanding the reach of your emails.

This means your email can be shared on Twitter or Facebook by your subscribers, making it visible to a larger audience.

7. Broadcasting Technology

  • UK Based Email Broadcasting Software – the platform we use is a leading UK Email Broadcasting System which avoids the issues faced with many US based email systems which have to comply with more onerous UK data protection laws, specifically the double opt-in requirement.
  • UK Based Support Desk – all technical requirements are handled in the UK giving real time support and issue resolution.
  • UK High Performance Servers for High Volume – we can send campaigns at over 5 million records an hour.
  • High Deliverability – sending email broadcasts is one thing, ensuring that emails are delivered and are not defeated by ISP and receiver anti-spam systems is essential to running successful campaigns. We go to great lengths and include many features to ensure you receive high deliverability.

8. Data Protection Compliance

This Email Broadcasting Marketing service will ensure that you are in full compliance with all relevant UK data protection laws for email broadcasting.

  • Automated Unsubscribe Facility – each email sent will include an automated unsubscribe facility for full compliance. Once a recipient has unsubscribed, the software will automatically prevent that subscriber being sent any further emails, even if the contact is inadvertently reloaded.
  • Data Stored on UK based Servers – under UK data protection regulations data must be stored within the UK. Our servers are UK based which includes compliance with this law.

If you want to find out more about how an email newsletter campaign can benefit your business contact us today on 01536 461 597 or click here to fill in our online form.