Search Engine Optimisation

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will significantly improve your website’s ranking on search engines and therefore increase the organic traffic visiting your website.

‘Organic’ traffic is that which comes to your website via an unpaid listing on a search engine. The search engine matches the terms the visitor searched for to the most relevant results.

Organic traffic can provide you with very high quality leads that result in more conversions, if your website is properly search engine optimised.

There are a number of ways to improve your website’s SEO from the website structure, to an effective keyword strategy, to the relevance of your copy, to ‘clean code’ and much more.

At WDM we create websites with a built in SEO strategy, so you get the highest possible search engine ranking, and the traffic that comes through is specifically targeted meaning your Return on Investment is maximised.

If you already have a website, but your competitors rank above you, we can evaluate your current website and SEO strategy, identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses. We will then create, implement and refine a strategy to improve your website’s SEO and increase your business’s visibility online.

SEO services from WDM include:

  • The provision of Website Structure Recommendations to help optimise your website for search engine crawlers, and therefore ensure all pages are properly indexed.
  • Development of a Keyword Plan for your website to identify keywords that you want to target, and to allocate the targeted keywords to the most appropriate pages within your Website.
  • Proven On-page Optimisation where we develop and implement the title, description and keyword meta tags which are essential to achieving a high ranking on search engines. Our on-page SEO work also helps to improve the quality scores of keywords targeted within your Google Adwords campaigns, reducing cost per click and improving page positions.
  • Effective Copywriting Strategy where we integrate the relevant keywords into your webpage copy in an appropriate density that optimises the page for search engines but does not compromise on delivering your sales message.

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation there are two approaches you can follow – “White Hat” or “Black Hat.” The “White Hat” way of doing things is proper, fair and moral whilst the “Black Hat” way is essentially ‘gaming’ the system.

Whilst “Black Hat” tactics, such as link farming, can generate a short-term increase in traffic, often the visitors will ‘bounce’ from your website as it has little relevance to their search. Also search engines will see through these tactics and drop the website down their ratings, therefore making it a very risky way forward.

At WDM, we are firm believers that only “White Hat” strategies should be used. This will ensure a high search engine ranking that endures, and traffic that leads to conversions.

Beware of any company that uses “Black Hat” methods!

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