Email Marketing

By Haydn Rowe

Email Marketing and How It Could Unlock Your Sales Potential for Just a Few Pennies…

You already know that staying in touch with prospects and customers is vital to maximising your sales potential.

But, most businesses do NOT stay in touch like they should – and lose sales as a result.

Today, it is cheaper and easier than it has ever been to stay in touch with your database by using email broadcasting.

Used wisely, to a good list (usually your own), with quality content and in combination with other mediums, such as direct mail and telephone – it can unlock the massive sales potential sitting in your database today.

33% Sales Growth during the Recession

One client of ours began sending simple email newsletters to their list of Interior Designers, Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers about 18 months ago and immediately started getting orders from contacts that had previously been inactive.

So much so, that it has made a major contribution to a growth of 33% in sales over the period – at a time of deep recession.

With excellent email newsletter broadcasting tools available today from companies such as NewZapp (which we and many of our clients use), this is much easier, more cost effective and more successful than it has ever been.

Writing an email newsletter on a regular or even occasional basis demands discipline and commitment.

Few companies ever sustain that commitment.

But those who do are reaping outstanding results. It is like having your own TV channel – you play good programmes (quality articles and newsletters) and you can then play your Ads (sales emails).

Best of all, you can send emails for about 2% of the cost of conventional direct mail, and an even smaller % of the cost of telemarketing.

Here are a few essential tips to successful email marketing…

1. Your List – begin collecting email addresses from all of your prospects and clients and adding them to your database.

2. Your Website – create an attractive offer on your website to encourage visitors to give you their email address in return for a valuable report or guide.

3. Newsletter Signup – create a compelling Newsletter Signup page on your website to further build your list.

4. Choose an Email Broadcast supplier – do NOT send emails through your normal email account as you could quickly become ‘black listed’ by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) – compromising your everyday email account. With a professional (ideally UK based) supplier you get high delivery rates, an easy to use interface and valuable reports on links clicked, emails opened and much more.

5. Create Quality Content – do not make the fatal error of focusing the content on yourself, your business and your news. Instead, focus on the customer’s needs – offer solutions to their problems, ideas, valuable information, how to’s, inspirational case studies and success stories.

6. High Frequency – you want to build a stronger relationship with prospects and clients and one of the most effective ways to do this is to send valuable (to them), high quality content on a frequent basis. Some of the most successful email marketers send 50 to 200 emails a year. Many of our clients are sending 10 to 50 a year with excellent results.

7. Single Article Newsletters – don’t save three or four articles for each email – send each article separately as soon as it is ready. This allows you to ‘touch’ your list more frequently with a lot less effort on your part.

8. Repeat Your Most Successful Sales Emails – intersperse your articles with sales emails (those that make a direct request for a meeting, order, to request a quote etc.). Once you have a sales email that is working well, keep on repeating it on a regular basis (monthly, every few months) until it stops working or you find a better version.

9. Use the Data to Learn – with Direct Mail you only get to measure responses. With email marketing you learn so much more as you get to learn from your ‘near misses’. You will learn what content people like by how many people click on the links and forward your email to others, you’ll discover what your ‘open’ rate is (how many people read your email) and this allows you to tailor future content around the emails that your list likes and responds to best.

Believe me, a well written client-focussed email newsletter sent to your clients is a wonderful and powerful tool for keeping close to them, ensuring that they know what you’re doing for them – and letting them know you want to listen and respond to their needs.