Inspirational copy is key to any successful marketing strategy…

Copy needs to attract a reader’s attention, stimulate their interest, respond to their questions and motivate them to ‘action.’ This action could be anything from making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or filling in a contact form.

WDM have thoroughly and carefully refined the art of website copywriting; testing each element and measuring the impact of changes.

We create response-oriented copy that focuses on captivating the visitor and enticing them to an ‘action.’

Often you will find that search engine optimisation (SEO) and web copywriting are not developed with the other in mind, and this can be where many companies fall short.

At WDM we develop a strategy to create copy that is optimised for both website visitors and search engine indexing.

The techniques we employ can be applied to a variety of media, giving you compelling copy that your target market can be exposed to in various formats. These are focussed on Web Pages but may also include Sales Emails, Blogs and Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts.

By making use of proven online copywriting techniques WDM will make sure that your message is clearly presented across a variety of media.

By ensuring that each and every campaign is specifically targeted at those who are most likely to do business with you, you’ll see measurable results in terms of increased enquiries and sales.

To find out more about how WDM’s online copywriting services can transform your website success, call us direct on 01536 461 597, or click here to fill in our online form.