Online Marketing Mistakes

By Haydn Rowe

The 7 Most Common Mistakes Most Business Make with their Online Marketing – Ignore Them at Your Peril…

For me, getting this part of your business right is vital to your future survival and prosperity.

I really do believe that if you fail to become excellent at online marketing, you are increasing your chances of failure.

With more and more buyers turning to the internet to source products, services and new suppliers, not having an effective website and online marketing strategy is like having a shop with no signs, the windows painted out and the lights switched off … crazy!

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Businesses Make with Online Marketing

Mistake #1

They have a website with healthy traffic levels but fail to take simple but effective steps to convert website visitors into sales leads and database prospects.

Many websites make little or no use of call to action devices, beyond having a Contact Us page on their site.

To do that you will almost certainly have to include traffic conversion elements in your website such as…

Call to Action Copy & Banners – in most cases, this can be quickly and easily resolved by adding a simple sentence to each page with a strong call to action like this one…

“To get started, to request a proposal or to find out more -please call us now on 01234 567890, enquire through our website or request our special buyers guide.”

Packaged Information Offers – creating valuable reports, buyers guides and White Papers has long been one of the most successful ways of generating enquires in any type of marketing.

Newsletter Signup – for some businesses, an offer to send a prospect your newsletter with latest product developments, hints and tips, case studies, articles and special offers can generate significant ‘conversion’ with many website visitors.

Mistake #2

They have not tested, or optimised Google AdWords – probably the fastest, most cost effective and measurable way of generating new business that has ever been available to businesses.

Mistake #3

They do not have an on going communications strategy for converting the leads generated from their website into new clients (some online leads convert quickly – however the majority are slower buyers and require a more thoughtful conversion process).

Mistake #4

They fail to create compelling landing pages for each product or service category that they wish to generate leads for. Web users are looking for information – period. The site that rewards searchers with relevant and compelling information gets the most leads and sales.

Mistake #5

They fail to build a site that is search engine friendly. This means that their site has little chance of being rewarded by search engines such as Google indexing and ranking their web pages highly in response to relevant searches.

Mistake #6

They fail to integrate their online and offline marketing – today prospects use a combination of online and offline interactions in their “buying process”. For example, in many cases whilst buyers search online, they still transact or buy offline. Making an appropriate and seamless transition from online to offline is essential to winning new business.

Mistake #7

They fail to track and measure (using powerful free tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords) what is happening to their business online; and therefore fail to make simple changes that can yield many times more quality sales leads and database prospects, and dramatically cut costs.

In other words they fail to “measure and manage”!

Right now, investing in a new website or revamping your existing website may seem like another expense that you don’t need, but is this good thinking?

A really effective website with a smart online marketing strategy can be a formidable weapon in your marketing arsenal and can produce instant and permanent results.

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