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Designing the page layouts for your website

By Haydn Rowe Successful websites understand that visitors have a primary purpose when viewing a page – to get information. They also understand that visitors have different requirements … Some people will arrive at your website to investigate your products and services, some to buy now, others to research the credibility of your company, and some looking for free information... Read more

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Your Website Development Team

By Haydn Rowe Very often these days you will come across individuals, such as a graphic designer or a web developer, who will offer to design, build and maybe even populate and optimise you a website. However it is highly unlikely that one person alone has the full skill set required to create the right website for your business –... Read more

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How to create a keyword plan . . .

By Haydn Rowe We’ve previously discussed the importance of creating traffic for your website and one of the techniques we mention is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a big topic, with many methods, theories, updates and changes circulating as to how best get your website to the ‘top of Google.’ This leads to much debate about the best SEO... Read more

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