45 Years After the First Email Was Sent – Email Still Rules the Internet…

The first email was sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971 – a short email to himself.

A humble enough beginning.

Now, 134.5 billion emails (excluding spam) are sent each and every day from 3.7 billion email accounts.

A recent BBC articleEmail ‘most common internet activity’ in Britain, says that according to the Office for National Statistics, sending and receiving emails is the most popular internet activity (82% of adults).

Email is followed by 71% of adults that use the internet for finding information on goods and services (web searches) and 66% that use the it for social networking.

What’s striking is that email is the oldest and first form of online activity, preceding the first website by 20 years and Facebook by 33 years – yet it is still the most popular form of online activity.

Our own research shows that…

Email activity trounces its next closest rival (website searches) by a whopping 20 times.

That’s a big number. But, take a look at the two graphs we recently compiled below…

Together they show that email messaging continues to be the most active, most prolific and most engaged with communications medium on the internet today.

You have read right – not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram or Blogs. Email. 

In terms of accounts (not activity) email beats Facebook by 85% and Twitter by 1,028%!

Number of accounts by online marketing medium*.

And the difference in numbers is even more surprising when you look at daily activity, as opposed to accounts held.

There are 134.5 billion email messages sent every day, as opposed to just 457 million updates on Facebook, 500 million tweets and 6,500 million website searches.

The difference is so vast that to graph it correctly the blue line on the chart below would have to be almost 10 times longer than the width of this column.

The difference is profound when you compare daily activity rates – so large in fact that we can’t even graph it correctly. 

Email absolutely dominates daily communication activity*.

What does all this mean for your marketing?

When it comes to marketing and communicating with most audiences today, especially a business and e-commerce audience, email really is ‘the next big thing’.

Email is still by far the most common internet activity worldwide, despite the rise of social media.

It is official: email is a vastly underestimated marketing super-tool

That’s why we believe the two graphs above reflect some really important points that you should consider…

  1. Email broadcasting can be more valuable– when it comes to generating sales revenue than your website and your PPC (Google AdWords) marketing combined.
  2. Email broadcasting is– the best way to double (or more) revenue that you get from your existing lead generation activities such as Google AdWords, Direct Mail, Advertising and so on (when used correctly).
  3. Email broadcasting wins on ROI– it beats virtually every known online and offline marketing strategy going when you work out your ROI (return on investment).
  4. Email ‘Monetises’– in fact, one email address is equivalent to approximately 50 Facebook likes when it comes to monetising (creating sales revenue) your list.
  5. When your message is relevant to your list– and your communications schedule is based on quality communications (articles, valuable information, relevant case studies, new product information, event announcements) your prospects and customers will love to hear from you.
  6. Email Broadcasting is the best way to– create sales, new sales opportunities and leads from your list, to keep clients buying and to revitalise lapsed customers.
  7. It gives you reach– that other mediums cannot (look at the number of accounts held, and consider the time and attention paid each day by billions of people to email messages).
  8. It is super low cost– around 1p to 3p per email – around 60 times cheaper than Direct Mail, and highly measurable.

That is why the above charts should do two things

First, they should amaze you – when you compare the “buzz” around social media marketing strategies with the lack of “buzz” about email, you can see in a flash that something is not right.

Social media gets the buzz, but email is by far the widest reaching and most active online communication medium.

One is all froth, the other is substance.

Second, they should jolt you into action – if your business has not mastered email broadcasting as a powerful way to turn your database into profitable revenue – you need to attack it with a passion.

Forget Twitter, Facebook, even your Blog – master the science of email marketing and reap the rewards.

In our next newsletter, we’ll cover 10 Essential Tips to Successful Email Marketing.

For today, though I’ll leave you with this thought…

Many of the people complaining about how hard the economy is, are often the same people who are not communicating with their customers and prospects (invoices, statements and overdue payment letters do not count).

Emailing is the best way to do that today. Period!

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